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Building supply chain logistics for the transportation and delivery of liquid fuels, gases and biofuels.

our mission
our mission

Creating structured commodities partnerships

Twenty Trade SA is an independent commodity trader and Swiss registered company, focused on commodities trading and logistics.

Established in 2016, and building on the vast experience of our management team, Twenty Trade SA specialises in deal origination, creating value and structuring legal, technical and financial due diligence, trading and risk mitigation.

Utilising a keychain of trading partners to store and transport commodities, Twenty Trade delivers a controlled supply of liquid gas and bio-diesel products worldwide.

All products can be supported by certificates of quality and quantity, as Twenty Trade has undertaken full due diligence of each supplier.


Ensuring secure and cost effective logistics

Twenty Trade provides end to end logistics solutions for liquid bulk cargoes, offering clients the most pragmatic, cost effective and efficient routes possible.

Twenty Trade SA has contacts across the supply chain spectrum from producer, processor/refiner to distributor and trader.

Our goal is to become the long-term partner of choice for traders, investors, corporations, refiners, storage facilities and governments, including emerging markets, providing transportation of cargo by ship, barge, truck and rail.

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